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Gemba Security Solutions, LLC

Our fundamental objective is to help our clients develop and deploy efficient, effective and comprehensive security strategies to Avoid, Deny, Defend.

To understand Gemba Security Solutions it is probably best to start with an explanation of “Gemba.” It comes from the world of Six Sigma, continual process improvement. In short, Gemba is “where value is added, where the work occurs. Though Gemba is often a place, to us Gemba is a philosophy. When you “go to Gemba” it means that you are where work actually happens, and you are looking to identify where, why and how problems occur. One goes to Gemba in an effort to identify and understand issues needing improvement.

Gemba Security Solutions, LLC (Gemba) is founded on the core belief that by blending our excitement for technology with our deep understanding of business management and continual process improvement that we can truly help our clients improve their overall security, safety and communication environments. We believe in responsible, effective deployments of technology to achieve a greater overall objective. We understand that effective safety and security are continually moving goals that are best approached in a comprehensive, layered fashion.

To learn more about Gemba and how we can help you improve your overall safety, security and communication environment, please contact us at 845-418-2866 or send us an EMAIL

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How our Clients Benefit

We are advocates for our clients. We understand that while budgets are tight, needs and objectives are high. With an appreciation of this challenge, Gemba’s solution design philosophy is truly to do more with less. Our solutions are responsible, practical approaches to the mission at hand.

Quite often the systems our clients have in place will do more, much more, than they may currently be configured to do. Rather than simply recommend replacement of existing systems, we work to leverage those systems to work in a cohesive, complementing manner with additional or other systems. For example – a client may have an electronic access control system (card swipe), a telephone system and a paging system. Gemba will turn that into a seamless, integrated lockdown and emergency notification system with minimal expense to the client.

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Training (C.R.A.S.E.)

Preparation is a Strategy. Hope is Not.

While we all certainly hope that we or our loved ones never experience a terrible attack or event, we must acknowledge that we have a better chance of surviving one if we are prepared. Gemba understands that a person’s response when in harm’s way will greatly affect their chances of survival.

We can’t truly predict how a person, even our own self, will respond in a real crisis. Did you know that a person’s heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, vision becomes tunneled, simple thoughtless actions become monumental tasks when faced with a true existential threat?

Did you know, while school shootings capture the news cycle and wrench our hearts they account for less than 25% of the active attacks in the US? And, did you know that more than 50% of the active attacks in the US occur at places of business?

For this reason, Gemba leverages the skills, knowledge, and the Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy learned while becoming certified in C.R.A.S.E. by the Texas State University ALERRT program (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training). We view every solution design through this prism.

To arrange formal onsite CRASE training at your site or in your area, please send us a simple email and mention your interest in CRASE training.
You can email us at:

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Debi Parker - Principal/Owner

As owner of Gemba Security Solutions, Debi Parker brings more than 25 years of Federal, State and local government contracting and regulatory compliance, and project management expertise to the firm.

Debi’s insights and gift for developing intra-industry relationships lay the ideal foundation to her executive leadership role.

Debi holds direct responsibility of overall administration, finance and accounting, budgeting, client and project development, strategic planning and project management.

• NYS Alarm Installers License
• NJ Electrical Contractors Telecommunications
    Contractor License

Thomas G. Parker - Managing Director

With more than 30 years of executive and technical leadership roles with ADT, UTC, and Bogen Communications, Tom Parker has helped thousands of organizations in the world improve their life safety, security and communication infrastructures.

Tom’s teams first perform in-depth Risk Assessments, then work with clients to develop strategies to improve their operational performance, minimize risk and reduce their losses.

• NYS Alarm Installers License
• NJ Electrical Contractors Burglar Alarm License