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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance, more commonly referred to as “CCTV”, is a system of cameras, recorders, cables and switches. There are various types of video surveillance systems on the market and choosing the correct type for your application is important as the selection will greatly impact your budget, the quality of the images and the overall functionality. For example, a local pizza parlor generally doesn’t require the advanced functionality that a casino or transportation hub would.

Important Considerations
• What areas and activity do you want to see?

• Do you intend on using existing wire?

• Level of detail you want to see in general view and in post recording view
• Chain of custody if the content may be used in litigation
• Do you want remote access to your cameras from an “app” or computer?
• Who will have access to your system, do they have access to all camera
    feeds or just a few?
• Do you need your system to perform analysis of the content, do you need your system to
    perform an action based on the analysis of the content, and more.
• Do the cameras need to “see” in the dark?
• Will the recorded content be on-site or off-site?
• Will you want to network multiple video surveillance systems together?

• Conflict resolution
• Theft reduction
• Improved operational efficiency
• Improve customer experience
• Realtime monitoring
• Digital storage
• Evidence
• Business savings

There are many more benefits and variables to consider. We’d be happy to help you determine the right solution for your needs.

Video and content courtesy of Exacq