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Public Address & Intercom

A public-address system (PA) is an electronic system comprising of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment and used to increase the volume of voice, musical instrument, or sound source. PA systems are used in any venue that requires that a sound source be sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area. Advanced applications may include sports stadiums, public transportation vehicles and facilities, as well as live or recorded music venues and events.

A PA system may include multiple microphones or other sound sources, a mixing console to combine and modify multiple sources, and multiple amplifiers and loudspeakers for louder volume or wider distribution. Simple PA systems are often used in smaller venues such as schools, houses of worship, business offices, and retail stores and malls.

Intercom systems, installed in many buildings, have both speakers throughout a building, and microphones in many rooms so occupants can respond to announcements. Often, intercoms will have speakers, call switch and even integrated video cameras.

Important Considerations
• Will you use existing wiring in your facility?
• Intended use of the system: performance, voice, emergency, music, portable
• Area of coverage: width, height, ambient noise level
• Amplifier power
• Quality of microphone
• Quality of loudspeaker

• Ability to communicate with everyone at a given location
• Broadcast routine or emergency messages overtop of background noise
• Entertainment – performance audio
• Education – instructional sound
• Business Communications – meetings, conferences
• Set a mood using background music
• White noise for sound masking