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Mass Notification

A Mass Notification System (MNS) is a multi-modal (multiple format) platform that broadcasts non-fire infromation to a large group of people. Groups of people can be, for example: college/university staff and students, employees in a multi-building or multi-site environment, residents of a community, and so forth. Effective MNS’ tend to broadcast the message in multiple formats (multi-modal). Though there are many variations, typically, messages are sent via email, text, telephone call and sometimes posts to social media. Messages sent via MNS’ are generally messages that contain critical messages with important information.

Important Considerations
• User interface – Ease of use
• Mode of message broadcast
• Speed of message broadcast
• Performance and Reliability
• Do you need response options from message recipients?
• Reporting
• Customer Service and Support

• Rapid reach
• Reduce spread of misinformation
• Reduce response time
• Comprehensive threat response
• Unified multi-modal (multiple format) notification
• Regulatory compliance
• Precise communication

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