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Electronic Visitor Management

Electronic Visitor Management is the process of running instant background checks and tracking those who visit your facility. A visitor is anyone who is not a regular full-time employee. They may be a customer, a delivery person, a job applicant, a contractor, a consultant or a vendor.

In today's security environment, schools, hospitals, corporate facilities,government and private buildings are replacing visitor log books with the more secure paperless electronic visitor management systems.

Manual Handwritten sign-in sheets are often incomplete, illegible or can contain false information. Manual screening does not check for red flags like banned visitors, custody issues, employee termination issues, felony issues or registered sex offenders.


Electronic visitor management systems accurately record details of all visitors, maintain an easily searched and sorted visitor log, prints ID badges and allows visibility into who is in your facility at all times. With the swipe of a government issued ID the system will, at a minimum, run an instant check of US Department of Justice and custom client data bses. It alerts users of the attempted entry of unsafe, banned or unauthorized visitors.

Important Considerations:

• Recording of visitor photo for enhanced security
• Staff burden
• Processing Time
• Types of ID to be read
• Data Integrity
• Data Security
• Ease of Use
• Ability to evolve with needs
• Referenced Databases
• Reporting
• Ability to interface with HR, Patient or Student systems

• Instant background checks against USDOJ and user defined databases

• Accurate records

• Efficient reporting

• Speeds up the sign in process for return visitors

• Take photos of your visitors to help you identify them

• Log visitors in and out

• Maintains an electronic, easily searched and sorted visitor log

• Print visitor photo ID badges for enhanced security

• Alert security or administration when an unwelcomed visitor is at reception

• Alert employees when their schedules guest has arrived

• Comply with regulatory compliance

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