Integrated Technology


Integrated Technology for Seamless Security

Pressing a single button can immediately summon the police, lock the doors and distribute a lock-down message via public address, email and text. As soon as administrators and police are alerted they can remotely access the video surveillance, situational awareness and crisis management system. In effect, all responders can know what is going on, where it is happening, and the status of virtually all occupants prior to arriving on site.

Integrating security technologies delivers the following direct benefits:

> Detailed call to police reduced to mere seconds
> Lock equipped doors instantly to ensure they are secured
> Ability to “lock-down” may be limited to select groups or all personnel
> Predetermined message immediately distributed throughout the campus
> District Administrators instantly alerted of the situation
> Nearby facilities quickly alerted and advised to secure their facility
> Police and Administrators quickly access and engage facility’s Emergency Response Plan and technology systems
> Remote access to video surveillance with an overlay of the floor plan provides Responders with critical ‘eyes’ in the facility
> Remote access to PA/Intercom system provides Responders with ‘ears’ and ‘mouth’ – with the ability to speak within the facility
> Staff immediately follow their prescribed lock-down measures
> Staff quickly report their status, e.g. secure, missing student, intruder, physical threat, medical alert, or crisis
> As staff report in, Responders and Administrators view a color coded floor plan indicating field status
> Increased situational awareness enables Responders to quickly assess and respond to impacted area(s)
> Responders able to more quickly prioritize and evacuate those not in an immediate affected area

“Integrating access control, video surveillance, public address, duress systems, intrusion detection technologies and situational awareness solutions afford Administrators and First Responders the greatest opportunity to effectively manage a situation.”