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Integrated Audio, Video and Communication Solutions
Risk Assessment

With Knowledge Comes Foresight
An objective evaluation of hardware and procedures in which assumptions and uncertainties are clearly defined, measured and analyzed helps to reduce loss, minimize risk and improve operation efficiency.



With Protection Comes Peace
From our state of the art access control and background checks to video surveillance and intrusion detection systems and processes, be confident that the measures taken will improve your security environment and your level of control.



With Communication Comes Control and Comfort
From prerecorded messages and remote access to central administrative control in the event of a crisis, today’s technologies improve communications, reduce energy consumption and prepare for the unthinkable.


Emergency Planning

With Preparation Comes Confidence
Whether a disaster is natural or man-made, effective and comprehensive preparation will provide first responders with immediate access to the information they need to dramatically improve response times, and reduce loss and injury.



Gemba Security Solutions
Have You Done Everything You Can?

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For more than 25 years, Gemba’s associates have worked closely with Educational Facilities, Engineering Firms and Law Enforcement Agencies to develop comprehensive solutions to keep students, staff and schools safe.

The needs of each school, school district and campus are unique. Our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by today’s schools affords us the ability to develop solutions that are effective and unobtrusive.

As such, Gemba strongly encourages a comprehensive security risk assessment be performed. The detailed assessment report validates budget requests and quantifies security needs and vulnerabilities. The report then serves as the foundation upon which an overall security improvement plan is developed. To learn more about our no-cost Risk Assessment Report, click here.

Gemba’s intimate appreciation for the challenges faced by schools — along with the findings of our comprehensive security assessment — assures you that the security of your facility, district or campus are in trusted and capable hands.

Have you done everything you can to keep your charges safe and secure?

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